Our Commitment to A Higher Quality

At Direct Digital, we invest careful thought, the latest innovations, stringent science, and rigorous clinical research throughout all facets of product development.

We work closely with our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. David Katz, to review and guide the process—from concept to creation.

We partner with reputable, verified and trusted suppliers of the highest quality ingredients available.

And we deliver market-driven, industry-leading products in their respective categories.

In other words… our brands are built to last.

The Science Behind the Supplements

As founder and director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, David L. Katz MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP is an internationally renowned authority on nutrition, weight control, and health challenge prevention.

With a deep passion for providing evidence-based, holistic care through a unique combination of traditional medical practices and naturopathic approaches, Dr. Katz founded the Integrative Medicine Center (IMC) at Griffin Hospital in Connecticut. The IMC is the site of one of the nation’s few residency training programs in Integrative Medicine, ensuring that Dr. Katz’s passion—and legacy—continue on.

It was this intense dedication thought leadership that ultimately led Direct Digital to partner with Dr. Katz to develop Instaflex Advanced—one of the most complete joint formulas ever created.

Under the guidance of Dr. Katz, a carefully curated selection of key ingredients were combined into one of the best research profiles of any joint formula money can buy. This includes top ingredients, each backed by clinical research including:

  • AprèsFlex®: A concentrated form of Boswellia serrata that helps relieve discomfort, especially in the knees.
  • UC-II®: Clinical studies found people with joint issues who took undenatured type II collagen found significant relief.

While Instaflex Advanced sets a whole new standard for joint support supplements everywhere…

This forward-thinking approach is how Direct Digital formulates ALL of its supplements.

Quality Control at Every Stop Along the Way

It wasn’t good enough to develop great formulations with the best ingredients.

Where supplements are made is just as important as how.

That is why all our manufacturing takes place in an FDA registered, GMP-compliant, third party audited, and NSF certified facility in the United States. Absolutely no foreign laboratories are used for any of our finished product manufacturing.

We also take raw material and finished product testing very seriously. We rigorously test the ingredients before putting them into the products our customers know and love. We take this a step further, testing our finished products internally and externally by independent third party labs.

We’ve found that this is the best way to ensure optimum safety, maximum purity, and proper potency…

To deliver the powerful health benefits you deserve.

The Latest Clinical Evidence Is Powerful

There is undeniable research and evidence supporting amazing results from many dietary ingredients. Direct Digital spends countless hours reviewing scientific research in order to properly bring to market efficacious products. It is important to us that all products we sell be rooted in scientific and clinically backed ingredients. Our dedicated Quality and Science team stays at the forefront of the industry in terms of getting access to clinical data and even conducting our own finished product clinical studies.